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of the Rudack family from the town of Boenen in Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany, and the Kloke Family from the city of Paderborn in Germany.


The family name RUDACK is most probably due to old Saxon Counts of the 9th and 10th centuries, which had their origin at Lamspringe in the area between Hanover and Göttingen in Lower Saxony.

Count Ricdag was transferred to farms und courtyards in the region of the "Hellweg" in 833 by the Emperor Ludwig the Pious. Later, Ricdag founded the monastery of Lamspringe near his residence, the Winzenburg.

Edward Schröder: (Saxon and Cherusker, Lower Saxon Yearbook for National History, issue 10, 1933) sees the origin of the person names with -dag endings even in the time of the Cherusker.

In Paderborn, Soest, Meschede, Ruethen, Convent Corvey, Thorn, Neudamm, Werl, Borgeln, Flerke, Berksen and other places members of the family can be found in many centuries,

From the small town of Borgeln they spread all over Germany. Today we find them in several European countries, but also in the USA and Canada.

For many decades now several members of today's Rudack family are trying to bring together all the data about the Germanic Ricdag-Sippe and their descendants.


You will find parts of the research results in the

Progeny list of Graf Richard / Ricgist,

the father of Count Ricdag or Rihdag.
 (Note: for privacy reasons, no list of persons from the 20th / 21st Century)


Family crest Wilhelm Rudack, Düsseldorf


Family crest Klaus Rudack, Bönen

In 1986, after the birth of our eldest son Klaus A., we began to arrange the records of my father Carl Franz Rudack about the origin of his family. To Maria's family, the Kloke family from Paderborn, we received the ancestors from her uncle Prof. Dr. Adolf Kloke from Berlin.

One of the most important documents for the Kloke family is the so-called Huberbrief from the year 1810. In 1981 Prof. Kloke deposited this letter with the Secret State Archives in Berlin and sent a copy of the letter and the contract to his brother Heinrich Kloke in Werl-Holtum. Unfortunately, we still have not succeeded in establishing a suspected relationship between the Kloke family from Paderborn with the older Kloke family from Marsberg, nor with the Kloke family in Brazil.

Years of work with archives in northern Germany and surveys of older relatives as well as extensive literature studies have resulted in a database that currently contains more than 4500 person records. It was a long, often pleasing, sometimes sad road. Many friendships were made, interesting personalities left their traces and otherwise lost memories could be handed down from stories and reports of posterity.

A fortunate circumstance for the Rudack family was the publication of two volumes of the "Soester Publikationen", which included the studies of the inhabitants of the parish of Welver-Borgeln of the pastor Clarenbach. Those researches begun in the 1930s were continued by Helmut and Günter Rudack. Here we were able to connect our data and had thus experienced an expansion of our family data and history. Diese für uns so wichtigen Büchern sind :

These important books are:

Clarenbach/Rudack: The families in the farms and small farmhouses to Welver-Borgeln in the district of Soest between 1532 and 1946
(Die Familien auf den Höfen und Kotten zu Welver-Borgeln im Kreis Soest zwischen 1532 und 1946), and:

The families in the houses of Welver-Borgeln in the district of Soest until 1946 (Die Familien in den Wohnhäusern zu Welver-Borgeln im Kreis Soest bis 1946).



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