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A familiy from Germany

Welcome to Maria, Klaus D., Klaus Alexander and Martin Rudack.

We live and work together in the small town of Bönen in North Rhine-Westphalia. This is located in the eastern green belt of the Ruhr area in the vicinity of the Münsterland and the Sauerland.
Klaus D. grew up in Bönen in a miner's family (the father was Steiger on the coal mine Königsborn III / IV in Bönen). As a DV merchant and Systems Engineer, he was most recently a computer trainer. His hobby is family research, apiary and archery. Maria grew up as a daughter of the farmer Heinrich Kloke in Paderborn and, after the resettlement of the farm into the Soester Börde, in Werl. Both met during their studies in Münster and have now been married for more than 25 years.                                
Maria is a certified oecotrophologist and a nutrition consultant, with her own practice and a team of doctors, graduate psychologists and movement therapists.

The sons Klaus Alexander and Martin both study computer science in Dortmund. Her hobby is the Korean martial arts Hap-ki-do, in which both became international German champions in 2007. Klaus Alexander also runs Taekwondo via TU Dortmund's university sport.

On these pages we try to introduce parts of our life.



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